Mahmood Bhutta

United Kingdom


Mahmood is the Inaugural Professor in ENT at Brighton & Sussex Medical School, and honorary consultant to the WHO Programme for the prevention of deafness and hearing loss. He has a clinical and academic interest in management of chronic otitis media.


The chronically discharging ear is a prevalent disease in low resource settings, with effects on education, employment and mental health. Access to care in such settings is limited, due to stigma, low recognition of disease, and lack of resources. I will discuss evidence-based models of managing ear discharge and hearing loss associated with this disorder, moving from hospital to community-based care, and finally exploring self-care in low resource settings

  • Concertzaal (plenary)

    The chronically discharging ear in low resource settings: From hospital to community-based care

    Date: 05 Sep 2024Time: 13:30 - 14:15 CET
    Consultant ENT, Brighton & Sussex Medical School