Markus Oei

The Netherlands

Dr. Markus Oei is an experienced ENT-surgeon who has been working on digital health, shared decision making, patient communication and cross-sectoral care for 20 years. He works as part of the core team of, a new national organization that evaluates digital and hybrid care, founded by all national stakeholders. He leads two foundations, one for digital patient information and one for network health. He also runs two IT companies that deal with digital communication and cross-sectoral care.

Personalized hybrid live data supported health care: The Future of ENT As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, and personalized care and shared decision making are rising, the integration of digital and hybrid care models is becoming increasingly prevalent. This presentation will explore the significant changes that digital tools, real-life data, patient preferences, and artificial intelligence (AI) are poised to play in this transformation. The need for transformation in healthcare is paramount, especially considering the anticipated rise in healthcare needs and the shortage of healthcare professionals. Transmural care will change the position and workload of medical specialists. This session will address strategies to enhance efficiency while ensuring that both healthcare providers and patients make informed decisions tailored to individual needs. Real-life examples, as well as future developments, will be shown. This presentation will delve into how these changes are shaping the future of ENT care, highlighting the transition in evidence-based medicine from traditional randomized controlled trials to real-life data evaluation and support. The discussion will include how ENT specialists will keep playing an important and relevant role, not only for their patients but also as guides in general ENT care. This keynote aims to inspire and equip medical professionals with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate and thrive in this dynamic environment.

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    Date: 06 Sep 2024Time: 08:15 - 09:00 CET
    Consultant ENT,