Poster Pitches 3.1

PP3.01 – Success in Valsalva maneuver in each ear may vary in a patient due to differences in peri-luminal tissue pressures between the Eustachian tubes.Cuneyt M. Alper – 16:15-16:18

PP3.03 – A Multicenter, Single-arm, Objective Performance Criteria-controlled Clinical Study of the Safety and Efficacy of the Double-lumen Eustachian Tube Balloon CatheterYu Si – 16:19-16:22

PP3.04 – Targeted temporal bone CT guidance for intratympanic steroid therapyYu Si – 16:23-16:26

PP3.05 – MRI-related artifacts after implantation of passive titanium implants and their influence on the detectability of cholesteatomaChristoph J. Pfeiffer – 16:27-16:30

PP3.06 – “First clinical experience with a new device for the removal of cochlear schwannoma” Ingo Todt – 16:31-16:34

PP3.08 – CSF gusher in cochlear implantation; our experience with 30 casesAli Eftekharian – 16:39-16:42

PP3.09 – Treatment response evaluation in necrotizing otitis externa using FDG-PET imaging Thadé Goderie – 16:43-16:46

PP3.10 – Treatment of sinus thrombosis secondary to mastoiditis.Simon Kasper – 16:47-16:50

PP3.13 – Vestibular Function and Complaints in Patients with Untreated Unilateral Vestibular SchwannomaFuentealba Bassaletti Constanza – 16:55-16:58

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    Poster Pitches – skull base/radiology/miscellaneous

    Date: 04 Sep 2024Time: 16:15 - 17:00 CET
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