Session information 3.2

O3.2.01 – Role of topical antibiotic ointment in the lateral graft following underlay myringoplasty. A prospective randomised study.Zhengcai Lou, CN

O3.2.02 – Canal wall down cholesteatoma surgery with mastoid obliteration is associated with high rate of dry ear and lower rates of recurrence without affecting hearing outcome
Petar Rouev, BG

O3.2.03 – The Surgify Safety Burr: The characteristics and surgical results of a novel tissue-selective cutting burr for temporal bone drilling
Laura Ihalainen, FI

O3.2.04 – Mastoid Obliteration Using S53P4 Bioactive Glass Versus Mastoidectomy Alone for Refractory Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media
Victor Kroon, NE

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