Thomas Linder





At the age of 89 years Prof. em. Dr. med. Ugo Fisch passed away on December 14, 2019. His death had a great impact worldwide. Memorial lectures were presented at meetings and written memorials were published in renowned journals. One of the main founder and mentor of modern otoneurology and lateral skull base microsurgery and founding member and former Chairman of the European Academy of Otology & Neuro-Otolgy (EAONO) has left a legacy, which still continues through his International Foundation ( as well as an ongoing FIMF fellowship program in Luzern and Zürich. Four years after his death, modern otologic and lateral skull base surgery continues to evolve and newer techniques (e.g. endoscopic techniques, irradiation) and upcoming technologies (e.g. exoscopes, roboticscope, robotic surgery) challenge previous concepts and treatment philosophies. Nevertheless, his strict concept of how to address middle ear and lateral skull base pathologies and how to constantly evaluate success and learn from failures formed the basis to separate fact from fiction. Are there and do we need new “ear schools”? Or are the concepts being diluted by a lack of leadership? What remains and what should be redefined? As a former student of Ugo Fisch, I try to describe his legacy today and what significance his philosophy could have for future generations of ear and skull base surgeons.

  • Concertzaal (plenary)

    The Fisch School of Otologic Surgery: what is the legacy?

    Date: 05 Sep 2024Time: 08:15 - 09:00 CET
    Chairman, Dept. Of Otorhinolaryngology, Head & Neck Surgery, Luzerner Kantonsspital